Individual, innovative solutions for every market

P&D’s wide-ranging capabilities deliver solutions tailored to any market requirement.
Automotive markets


Advanced high performance mouldings including NVH components, suspension parts, pipework, clips and couplings.

Gas Mask used in Defence Industry


Specialist moulded components for respiratory protection equipment used in military, law enforcement and fire protection applications.
Industrial Markets

Industrial & Commercial

Innovative bespoke products used in commercial applications including agricultural, HVAC and plumbing applications.
Specialist closures markets products

Specialist closures

High volume specialist moulded closures for packaging and processing industries requiring efficient, cost-effective solutions.
Medical Markets


Specialist high grade plastic mouldings for use in clinical environments for PPE, medical and specialist equipment applications.
Construction Industry Market product example


Durable construction grade plastic products for use in a variety of construction applications, above & below ground.