Extensive, high-volume automated and manual moulding capability

We are a reliable and flexible single source solution for transforming concepts into production-ready moulded components.
Extensive moulding capabilities

Extensive moulding capabilities

Extensive high-volume automated and manual injection moulding with capacity up to 400 tonnes. Over 22 machines with platen sizes up to 880 x 830mm and max shot size of 1435cc. Latest Engel and Wittmann Battenfeld machinery for multi-shot and high-volume production.
Automation in manufacturing

Manufacturing automation

Moulding capability and productivity is enhanced using robotic cells and automated materials handling technology. This is further complemented by the capability to plastic weld and assemble final product.
All round expertise

All round expertise

Our experienced team can take your ideas from concept to finished quality products. With in-house capabilities in design, tooling, manufacturing, assembly, welding and testing, we provide a complete solution under one roof.
Advanced tooling capabilities

Advanced tooling and machining

Experienced, well equipped toolroom for design, construction, enhancements and modifications for new and existing tools. Milling, drilling, turning and spark & wire erosion to tight tolerances. Swift repairs to minimise downtime and prolong tool life.
CAD and design support

CAD and Design Support

CAD and design services backed by in-depth materials knowledge and geared to selecting the optimum combination. Backed by swift reponse times and rapid prototyping.
Quality Control

Quality control

Using the latest moulding equipment in a state of the art manufacturing envionment with sophisticated 100% vision checking capability, we’re able to ensure quality control is second to none. Manufacturing processes are certified to IS0 9001, IATF 16949 & ISO14001.